United Scoring Committee

The United Scoring Committee is made up of representatives from many of the United Scoring Partners. Their role is to discuss trends, issues, inconsistencies and provide direction to the future of United Scoring.

22-23 United Scoring Committee

Avery Watson
Varsity All Star

Avery Watson is from Fairfield Connecticut and has been with Varsity Spirit since 2009 when she began working as an NCA summer camp instructor. Since then she has had experience in many different roles on both the camp and competition side of the company and is currently serving as the Judge Operations Coordinator for Varsity All Star.

22-23 United Scoring Committee

David Sims

Since 2008 David has held the position of JAMZ Legal Counsel and Advisor. In 2014 David was appointed JAMZ General Counsel and VP of Development. David is a graduate of Wake Forest University, N.C. State University, and the University of San Francisco School of Law. David started his cheerleading career at Wake Forest University and was the first assistant coach at Cheer Extreme Allstars in Kernersville, North Carolina (1997‐2000), and was a member of the NCA Collegiate Grand National Champions team at NC State in 2001. David has been a leading judge and advisor in the cheerleading industry for more than 20 years.

22-23 United Scoring Committee

Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson is the founder and co-owner of CHEERpros, established in 2004. Producing the CA State Cheer & Dance Championships for nearly 20 years, in addition to summer training camps. He has been in the industry for over 40 years as a coach, choreographer, judge, and event producer.

Eric is currently the Head Cheer Coach at Westcliff University; however, his coaching resume includes National Championship teams from High Schools, Colleges, and All Star programs.

He also choreographs teams of all levels and is a renowned judge throughout the United States and internationally. Eric is also the owner of Empire Apparel & Design. Creating custom uniforms and apparel for cheer and dance teams, including the USA Pom Team!

22-23 United Scoring Committee

Heather O’Brien
Cheer and Dance Extreme

Heather has been involved in the cheerleading industry for over 20 years and serves as the Scoring Administrator and Judges Coordinator for Cheer and Dance Extreme. She is a certified legality official for both cheer and dance and enjoys working with both judges and coaches at events throughout the season

22-23 United Scoring Committee

Heather Williams

I have been part of the cheer and dance industry for over 30 years as a coach, gym owner, judge and working for event producers. I enjoy running judges tables and working with coaches at AccuScore. My specialties within judging is in Building and Legalities. I am a board member of many Cheer-Spirit committees to help with our industry growth and education.

22-23 United Scoring Committee

Jenn Gugino
SHOUT! Cheer and Dance

Jen is the Assistant Director for SHOUT! Cheer and Dance. She is dedicated to the safety and well-being of athletes and coaches. She cheered and coached for 25 years before becoming a certified legality and Northeast judge. Outside of cheer, Jen spends time with her family and teaching people health and wellness.

22-23 United Scoring Committee

Jeremy Colb
All Out Championships

Jeremy Colb began cheering in 2007 as a sophomore at Christopher Newport University. Three months later, he started coaching tumbling classes and learning the intricacies of coaching and routine composition. Between 2007 and 2017, Jeremy coached all-star cheer teams and tumbling classes for Levels 1-6, and he has worked with athletes of all ages in school and rec programs throughout Virginia. In 2015, Jeremy became a certified judge, and has served in the Score Support capacity for All Out Championships since 2016.

Justin McSurley
Star Spirit Productions

Justin is the owner of Star Spirit Productions, hosting Cheer & Dance competitions in the Midwest and now expanding to an area near you soon! Justin spent years as a certified judge and Scoring admin for Worlds Bid giving companies. He is excited to work together on scoring for the future!

22-23 United Scoring Committee

Kyleigh Garrison
9 Panel Cheer

Kyleigh Garrison has been in the All Star industry for over 20 years. She came from an era where All Star had just began to take off, competing in the sport for 12 years. Once she graduated high school, Kyleigh went on to cheer for North Carolina State University for 4 years. Upon graduation from college, she started working for Varsity All Star in Knoxville, TN. Shortly there after, she made her way to the corporate offices in Memphis where Kyleigh supported the General Managers of VAS. She stayed in this role for 3 years and created and spearheaded numerous programs for the division including the Varsity All Star Apprentice Program, Special Ops Team and Varrsity University. She then made the move back to Knoxville, TN to continue in her path of helping educated coaches and working for 180 Pro, a division of Varsity All Star. During her time with the company, Kyleigh has judged in all categories, ran AccuScore and judges risers for multiple event brands and also commentates and announces at many of the larger marquee events for Varsity.

Though Kyleigh has recently made a large career change, she remains involved with Varsity All Star because of her love for the sport and the friends she has made throughout her career here.

22-23 United Scoring Committee

Lindsey Farris
World Class Cheerleading

Director of Operations

22-23 United Scoring Committee

Michele Zigler
NYS All Star Alliance

Michele has over 37 years of cheerleading, coaching and judging experience. Her experience includes 25 years at the high school and 18 years at the All-Star Level. Michele is a USASF and IASF Safety Judge. Michele is also the Coordinator for the NYS All-Star Cheer Alliance.

Michele has also been an AACCA Safety Certifier since 1999. Michele owned a gym in Buffalo NY and led her program to many National Championship titles. Her gym was the recipient of the 2010 USASF Chairman’s Cup along with the 2010 SITA Volunteer Award. Michele served as the NYS Public High School Cheerleading Coordinator, was a member of the USASF Sanctioning Committee and a member of the World’s Advisory Board.

22-23 United Scoring Committee

Rob Ulrich
NYS All Star Alliance

Rob Ulrich has over 28 years of cheerleading experience. He has worked with kids of all ages and teams of all levels. In 1993 Rob and a few other football players were asked to help the cheerleaders at his high school with some basket tosses and stunts. After just one practice, he was hooked. In college he cheered and was on scholarship at the nationally recognized University of Louisville. He cheered for Louisville from 1994-1999 and was captain from 1996-1999. During this time he won 3 NCA Collegiate National Titles. Rob and the University of Louisville cheer team were invited to perform at the 1996 Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Rob started working in the cheer industry in 1995 at the world famous Gym Tyme in Louisville, KY. He coached their Jr. Prep All Star team from 1995-2000. While at Gym Tyme, Rob was responsible for teaching all levels of stunting and tumbling. Finally, Rob runs his own cheer music business under the name core Traxx and has been making music for other teams for the past 10 years. Rob is CPR and First Aid certified as well as AACCA and USASF credentialed in levels 1-6 stunts, tumbling and tosses.

22-23 United Scoring Committee

Stephanie Ammirati
Varsity All Star

Stephanie Ammirati is the National Scoring Director for Varsity All Star. She started with NCA as a camp instructor in 2002, teaching both HS and College camps for 10+ years. In 2008, she took a full time role with Varsity Spirit, working in the NCA office in Dallas in the competition department. Throughout her career with Varsity, she has worked directly with sales, scoring, judges and competitions. Stephanie was one of the first All Star Advisors and has been an integral part of Varsity All Star since its inception in 2010. She helped create, develop and implement the Varsity All Star Scoring System over 10 years ago and now does the same for the United Scoring System. This is the most widely used and known scoring system in the All Star industry. Stephanie is responsible for the continued evolution of the scoring system and creating consistency in scoring across all Varsity All Star Brands, as well as the training and education of the Varsity All Star Certified Judges. She is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Education.

22-23 United Scoring Committee

Traci McCall
Worldwide Spirit Association

Traci has been the General Manager for WSA in 2013. Before moving to Baton Rouge to work for WSA she was the head cheer coach at Troy University for 8 years and worked as a territory manager for Cheerleader and Danzteam.

22-23 United Scoring Committee

Tyler Phillips
Varsity All Star

Tyler Phillips started working in the Varsity Charlotte office in 2010 as the Director of Scoring for CHEERSPORT and Universal Spirit. He now acts as the Scoring Experience Coordinator and the Tumbling Scoring Director for Varsity All Star. For multiple years Tyler was the Camp Director and oversaw operations for CHEERSPORT’s Skills and Choreography Camps. In addition to being on the Varsity All Star Scoring Committee, he serves as an Accuscore Official at many Varsity All Star brand events.

Not pictured above:

Atosha Rampy
Cheer America Championships

Marc Chaykin
United States Cheerleading Association